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Strategic directions

Curriculum and Learning - Innovate Inclusive Practices

Learning, learning and more learning! Celebrate The Success (AKA - What have we achieved this year!)

1) Taking Off With Numeracy (TOWN) - This is an outstanding Mathematics Program that  provides ongoing professional learning to teachers over the school year to assist in assessing each student's current numeracy understanding and to monitor student progress. Beyond this, the program  provides explicit guidance in designing whole class teaching programs to further develop each student's numeracy understanding.

2) Language, Learning and Literacy (L3) - Another outstanding education program. This one is currently run in our K / 1 classroom. Students receive explicit instruction in reading and writing strategies in small groups of one to three selected students. Students then rotate to independent individual or group tasks. This occurs in the daily Literacy session.

3) National Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) - The national data collection on students with disability acknowledges the work already undertaken in our school to support students with disability. It assists us to identify and to support students with disability so they can access and participate in education on the same basis as their peers.

Where to next...

The schools future directions in Curriculum and Learning - Innovate, Inclusive Practices continue to build on the strength of the teaching and learning cycle that already exists within The Pocket School. 

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If you would like to work with us on any of our Strategic Directions please contact us, we would love your input.

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